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Canadian Meal Kit Delivery Options for Quick and Easy Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Between working 40+ hours a week and shuttling kids to their various activities, home life is becoming increasingly more busy. After a long day at the office coming home to cook a family meal can be daunting. Regardless of your skills in the kitchen, you might feel drained and not overly excited about not only whipping up something that your kids will eat but also something that’s healthy for all of you.

A few months ago this was my story. I was exhausted after long days and didn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen when I finally got home. Continue reading

Healthy Ways to Successfully Lose Belly Fat

Measuring tape

The other day I looked down and realized that I’ve developed “a mommy tummy”. I’ve always been physically fit but after having Miss O things looked a little different but I adjusted quickly to my new body post baby. While I “bounced back” fairly quickly during the first year after giving birth, I credit breastfeeding since my activity level took a serious nose dive and the process of constantly working to produce milk helps your body burn calories, this “new me” is different. I’ve recently found myself snacking late in the evenings and exercising less and less. There are so many ways to stay fit as a mom on the go but I find making it a priority has been a challenge recently. As a result I’ve put on a few pounds. Who can relate? Don’t get me wrong, I think I still look healthy (and I feel great) but I need to adjust my eating habits and make time for exercise before I start feeling the effects. I did a little research and found a few healthy foods that will help reestablish healthy eating habits AND help burn belly fat.

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Practicing Forgiveness When You Really Don’t Want To

Photo via

Photo via

There’s something I want to get off my chest. Isn’t that what blogs are for? To vent your frustrations on a platform that will reach the masses? Yeah? Maybe? Fortunately, this is my blog so I get to do that when the occasion arises. So…what’s with some people? It may seem silly at this point but something happened this weekend that bugged me. Why do some people do the things they do? On Sunday afternoon, while walking my mother to her car from my house, I noticed that one of my planters was missing. You know the ones, they’re plastic, cement or cast iron and hold a variety of flowers. Granted, both of mine were empty because for various reasons I skipped planting flowers in them this year and opted for a few hanging plants.

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5 Tips For Raising Kids to be Smart With Money



Just like any other lesson our children have to learn as they grow up, lessons about money start at home.  While the approach will be different across different age groups, this is a guide on how best to handle general everyday situations and discussions.  While it’s never too late to teach children about money, starting early is key, if possible.  Having a clear understanding of where money comes from, saving for a big purchase, and understanding the consequences of their purchases will ultimately boost their confidence and go a long way to ensuring that they make wise decisions in the future.  Chances are many of us have made money mistakes in the past (who out there can relate to a closet full of shoes that you really don’t need? I know I can!) but teaching our children will hopefully lead to fewer mistakes and a greater appreciation for planning ahead.

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Looking For Encouragement? Thrive Moms is for You!

Thrive Moms2

Good day ladies!  Just a quick post to let you know that my home girl Jen and I recently joined the Thrive Moms Local community.  The mission of the Thrive Moms ministry is to bring mothers together to uplift, inspire, provide encouragement, friendship and prayer for one another during our journey.  It isn’t always an easy walk but it helps to connect with other women who can understand and relate to your situation.  God has called us to be mothers by entrusting us with our amazing children.  Because of this he wants us to live life to the fullest and enjoy all of the things that he has provided for us.  Thrive Moms helps with this by connecting moms not only globally online (through their newsletter, ministry, devotion studies and online meetups) but also locally.  It’s important to get engaged with the community around us, meet new people and support each other as best we can.

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Celebrating Father’s Day…With a Twist

dad and child

I recently came across an initiative for fathers to empower their daughters.  What better way to celebrate Fathers’ Day than to recognize examples of how fathers impact the lives of their daughters?  The relationship young girls have with their fathers mirrors the types of relationships they’ll have later in life with their future partners so recognizing the important role father play in raising both their sons and daughters is key.

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Do You Think You Could Live In A Tiny House?



I recently wrote a post for an online magazine about fascinating facts relating to the Tiny House Movement.  You’ve heard about the movement, right?  Folks either hunt for or build from scratch homes that are usually no larger than 400 – 500 square feet.  I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with HGTV shows such as Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House, Big Living.  The initial draw was the fact that the houses always seem so well put together.  They’re basically mini luxury homes that cost a fraction of the price of an average 2,000 square foot home.   Continue reading

Exciting Family Excursions for the Month of May

Amusement Park

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time for our families to crack a few windows and take a deep breath.  Better yet, lets get outdoors and explore our neighbourhoods and cities.  If your little ones are like mine, they can’t wait to get outside and would rather stay out there than come in and have dinner.  With that in mind, it’s time to start planning a few family activities that will keep the little ones engaged and allow them to experience new things.  I hibernate during the winter and love to take full advantage of the outdoors once things heat up.  With that in mind here are a few events the family might take in this month.

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Unique Gift Ideas To Keep Mom Smiling on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Teddy Bears

That time of year is fast approaching.  That’s right, Mother’s Day! There are 5 more days to go and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to figure out the perfect gift for your mom OR preparing to drop some major hints to your significant other.  Instead of the staple lunch or dinner date along with flowers or a movie and some new jewelry or a box of chocolates, what about considering a completely different type of gift.  Though not tangible, experiential gifts can be memorable and just as enjoyable as any other gift.  Don’t get me wrong, a box of chocolates is welcome (I’m holding out for a box of GODIVA chocolates this year!) but perhaps a different approach might be of interest, especially now that the weather’s warming up.  Below are 5 experiential gift suggestions that moms will enjoy (start dropping hints and hopefully hubby and the kids will surprise you!).

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Bird Feeder Activity for Kids

Bird Feeder and Seed

A few weeks ago I came across a post on Fab Haute Mama (fabulous blog I follow, check it out) about a great activity to try with kids.  I took that idea and ran with it!  This weekend Miss O and I picked up an inexpensive bird feeder and some seed to set up a nice little spot for birds to come and have some chow.  Originally, Miss O picked out a beautiful cedar bird house (what can I say, the kid has got good taste) but sticker shock made me put it back.  We settled on a simple but nice plastic and metal feeder that allows birds to feed on three sides and has a tray on the bottom with small holes that allow water to drain out and keep the seed relatively dry.

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