Introducing Pampered Post: A Subscription Box for Moms

It’s been a while since I last posted but its for a good reason, I promise. I’ve been hard at work on a few amazing projects and am excited to release the first of many. If you’ve read my post about side hustles, then you’re aware of the benefits these types of projects offer. Personally, […]

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How to Find Your Passion and Purpose After Losing Your Job

Lately the news has been packed with stories of surprise job losses and long-term unemployment. More companies are downsizing or shutting down and their former employees are feeling the pinch. Last year I joined the ranks of the unemployed when I lost my job after almost 10 years. It was an extremely stressful time because I’d suddenly lost […]

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Building Your Mom Tribe: What You Need to Know

The path to single motherhood is different for everyone. Some arrive as a result of divorce or separation, some by choice, while others become widows. But regardless of how you got here, the most important thing to remember is that the relationships you nurture during this time, will carry you through the journey. I’m not saying this season in […]

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60 Powerful Daily Affirmations to Overcome Self Doubt

There are days when the voice of self doubt seems louder than anything else. Whether you’ve missed out on an opportunity you really wanted or you made a mistake, self doubt creeps in and overshadows everything. Self doubt only serves to paralyze and stop progress. The more we listen to it, the more we talk ourselves out […]

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Affordable Monthly Subscription Services for Moms

You’ve probably seen the commercials for monthly subscription services for companies like JustFab and Fabletics, right? But while receiving shoes and workout gear every month saves time and effort, have you ever thought about more– dare I say– “practical” items you can use on a day-to-day basis? Recently, I’ve found myself on this journey to organize […]

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How One Change Will Help You Organize Your Day

OK moms, raise your hand if you’re an “enthusiastic” list maker. You know what I’m talking about. You have a to-do list that seems to get longer by the minute. You either have a notebook in your purse at all times or an app that has somehow become your personal assistant. It doesn’t matter what method […]

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How to Find A Work-Life Balance That Fits Your Lifestyle

When you think about balance, does an image of a scale come to mind? If so, are we putting too much pressure on ourselves by thinking, or expecting, that work and life have to be in balance all the time? The truth is, it’s not possible to find perfect balance. Think about everything you have to […]

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The Best Podcasts for Moms on the Move

Before you say anything, I know I spend an obscene amount of time talking about podcasts. I can’t help it, they’re the best way to stay on top of current events and to learn something new. I’m almost always plugged in when I’m out and about. Whether I’m driving to an appointment, grocery shopping or taking […]

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Want to Launch a Side Hustle? Here’s How

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or commute to an office everyday, you might want to earn a little extra money. The rising cost of raising a child or the need to build a little buffer into your savings account might be your motivating factors. Whatever’s caused the spark, a side hustle might be an […]

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Easy Ways to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been on hiatus taking a much needed break but I’m back and ready to get 2017 started. I feel refreshed and brimming with lots of great ideas for the blog this year. Stop by regularly for tips on easy food prep, how to juggle life and motherhood and much more. Bring it on […]

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Creative Ways to Save $500 or More a Month

With the cost of living steadily increasing, it’s time for us to take control of our spending. It’s so easy to go with the flow and not look at the options available if we don’t have to. With high unemployment, single parent households and more, there are people looking for ways to save because its […]

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Super Simple Ways to Clean Your BBQ Without a Bristle Brush

Some of you may have heard about the recent push for BBQ lovers to stop using bristle brushes for cleanup. CBC had a segment about this during their afternoon show Here and Now. They even published an article about it. It seems that while bristle brushes are a fantastic way to thoroughly clean left over food debris from the […]

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Practicing Forgiveness When You Really Don’t Want To

There’s something I want to get off my chest. Isn’t that what blogs are for? To vent your frustrations on a platform that will reach the masses? Yeah? Maybe? Fortunately, this is my blog so I get to do that when the occasion arises. So…what’s with some people? It may seem silly at this point but […]

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5 Tips For Raising Kids to be Smart With Money

Just like any other lesson our children have to learn as they grow up, lessons about money start at home.  While the approach will be different across different age groups, this is a guide on how best to handle general everyday situations and discussions.  While it’s never too late to teach children about money, starting […]

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Looking For Encouragement? Thrive Moms is for You!

Good day ladies!  Just a quick post to let you know that my home girl Jen and I recently joined the Thrive Moms Local community.  The mission of the Thrive Moms ministry is to bring mothers together to uplift, inspire, provide encouragement, friendship and prayer for one another during our journey.  It isn’t always an easy walk […]

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Celebrating Father’s Day…With a Twist

I recently came across an initiative for fathers to empower their daughters.  What better way to celebrate Fathers’ Day than to recognize examples of how fathers impact the lives of their daughters?  The relationship young girls have with their fathers mirrors the types of relationships they’ll have later in life with their future partners so […]

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Do You Think You Could Live In A Tiny House?

I recently wrote a post for an online magazine about fascinating facts relating to the Tiny House Movement.  You’ve heard about the movement, right?  Folks either hunt for or build from scratch homes that are usually no larger than 400 – 500 square feet.  I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with HGTV shows such […]

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Unique Gift Ideas To Keep Mom Smiling on Mother’s Day

That time of year is fast approaching.  That’s right, Mother’s Day! There are 5 more days to go and if you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to figure out the perfect gift for your mom OR preparing to drop some major hints to your significant other.  Instead of the staple lunch or dinner date along […]

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Bird Feeder Activity for Kids

A few weeks ago I came across a post on Fab Haute Mama (fabulous blog I follow, check it out) about a great activity to try with kids.  I took that idea and ran with it!  This weekend Miss O and I picked up an inexpensive bird feeder and some seed to set up a nice […]

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Concert Review: Outcry Tour 2016

Last week I was fortunate to check out an absolutely amazing concert in Hamilton at the FirstOntario Centre (formerly Copps Coliseum).  OUTCRY was a collective of different church ministries (ex. Elevation Worship) and Christian artists brought together for the purpose of bringing both believers and non believers to Christ.  I went to the concert not […]

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What Motherhood Has Taught Me About Patience

Before having Miss O I thought I was a very patient person.  However,  throw in a toddler with a mind of her own and the patience starts to wane.  Between asking her to put away her toys multiple times before bedtime and trying to catch her to put on her coat before heading out the door, […]

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Do These 3 Things To Get Your Day Started Right

The last few months have seen me on a journey of self discovery and living a life filled with conscious decision making and injecting small pleasures into my everyday life.  I enjoy listening to podcasts while driving to and from work which seem to be the only times of the day when I can completely […]

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Spring Has Sprung! 5 Tips To Refresh Your Home For The Season

It’s that time of year again!  The sun is shining, the weather’s starting to warm up and I’ve got more pep in my step.  It’s springtime!  After a long winter, albeit a mild one, I can finally see the change of seasons.  This time of year holds lots of promise, summer is right around the […]

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Goal Setting For Moms On The Go

I don’t typically set resolutions but I do revisit my master goal list at the start of each year and I re-commit to the plan I’ve developed. My goals typically fall into 4 categories: career development, personal growth, financial security and health. These might not be so different from yours. But with our goals in […]

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Taking Time to Nurture Gratitude

A few weeks ago I heard about the Gratitude Jar concept.  The idea is you write a note each day expressing what you’re thankful for, place it in a decorative container and re-visit them at the end of the year.  2015 brought about a lot of changes on my end but I ended the year […]

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