Spring Flowers

It’s that time of year again!  The sun is shining, the weather’s starting to warm up and I’ve got more pep in my step.  It’s springtime!  After a long winter, albeit a mild one, I can finally see the change of seasons.  This time of year holds lots of promise, summer is right around the corner, farmers markets will soon begin to open, festivals will begin to ramp up and the number of outdoor events will begin to increase.  Can you tell I’m excited about the months to come!  With all of these exciting changes on the horizon, now’s a good time to take a look around the house and prepare.  I find that a few minor touches around the house help to sustain this positive outlook and shake off remnants of the drab winter months.  Check out the list below for ideas on how to get ready for the new season.


Refresh Your Bedroom

My bedroom is my peaceful sanctuary.  It’s a great escape after a long day of work and mom duty.   Who can relate?  Each spring I like to buy new sheets or throw pillows to brighten the space and just freshen things up a bit.  You don’t have to break the bank, something simple but stylishly you is enough to refresh this space.

I also find that Miss O’s things inevitably end up in my room.  From books to toys to random hair accessories, they all manage to make their way in there.  This time of year is a good opportunity to round up all of these things and turn your room back into a space that’s for you and your partner.  I find that it’s easy for toys to take over various spaces in the home so it’s great to have at least one adult space just for ourselves.


Organize Your Closets

This is also a good time to start packing away yours and your family’s winter gear.  Timing this can be a bit tricky since Ontario springs can be a little unpredictable.  For instance, we had an ice storm last week!  Anyway, if it’s the right time for you, then pack them away.  You can also consider donating clothes you and your family are no longer wearing to your local thrift store.

Flowers on Desk

Buy Flowers For Your Home

Nothing says spring is here better than fresh cut flowers.  Head out to your local florist or grocery store and buy something colourful.  Personally, I love gerbera daisies.  Their vibrant colours can brighten up any space and add a little fun.  Also, the aroma flowers give off will welcome you and your guests every time you step into your home.


Start Thinking About Your Garden

If you have a green thumb or just enjoy gardening, now’s the time to start planning your summer garden, front and/or back.  If gardening isn’t your thing then another option is to plant a small herb garden.  Great herbs to try are rosemary, thyme, parsley and dill all of which contain antioxidant and inflammatory properties.  Planting a small garden is a great activity to enjoy with your kids.  Miss O and I have read Jack and The Beanstalk about a million time so she’s super curious about seeds and how they grow.  If your kids are the same, they may find enjoyment in watering the soil and waiting for the cotyledons to appear.  Another advantage of a small herb garden is they can be placed anywhere, inside or out.

An organization that I’ve followed for many years is FoodShare located in Toronto, ON.  They offer workshops, programs and resources for more information, check them out if you’d like to learn more.

Jars on deck

Refresh Patio Accessories

Whether you have a patio or balcony, consider adding a few colourful touches.  You can get inexpensive dinnerware, place mats or seat cushions.  Updates don’t have to be drastic just little touches to add new vibrancy to your outdoor space.

These are just a few examples of some of the things I’ve done over the years to ring in the new season.  What are some of the things you like to do to get ready for spring?