Glass of Water

We’ve all heard about the importance of adequate water intake. Since the body weight of an average adult is made up of 60-70% of water, it’s key to stay hydrated to ensure the continued normal functioning of the various systems within our bodies.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to how much water we need but ensuring that you avoid dehydration is key. However, having a general intake goal in mind doesn’t hurt. Women can aim for between 8 – 10 cups (2 litres) of water each day.

Reaching for a glass of water is by far the quickest and easiest way to stay hydrated (plus zero calories!). Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is quick and easy. In addition to water, there are a number of ways to ensure you meet your water intake needs. Various foods and drinks contain adequate amounts to ensure you remain hydrated and healthy.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits such as watermelon (the quintessential summer snack) and tomatoes are fabulous sources of water. Both are made up of more than 90% water. Other fruit options are apples, cantaloupes and oranges. In addition, vegetables such as lettuce, celery and cucumbers are good options.

Other Beverages

If you’d like to mix things up a little, try a variety of beverages to meet your water intake goals. Examples are milk, fruit and vegetable juices, pop and coffee. Drink coffee and carbonated drinks in moderation since they can be high in caffeine and sugar.

Water With A Twist

Tired of plain water? Try infusing new flavours into your water for a change of pace.  Great flavour combinations are lemon and cucumbers, cinnamon sticks and berries, watermelon and mint or orange and blueberries.  These options sweeten water naturally and act as a fun and healthy option.  Simply add the ingredients of your choice to a pitcher of water and let them steep for a few hours.  Be sure to strain the water before drinking.

“Eat” It With Meals

Who says you have to drink your water?  In addition to fruits and vegetables with high water content, another option is to eat meals to meet your daily intake needs.  Options are soups which require a large amount of water during preparation and yogurt.


If you’re always on the go, store a case of water in your car.  If you always have water nearby, you’ll be more likely to keep drinking it through out the day.

When exerting energy through activities such as exercise your body needs more than the standard required intake amounts to replenish the water lost through sweat. Weather conditions such as heat and humidity also require an increase in water intake to ensure proper hydration. There are various apps available that will help you determine exactly how much water you need to intake per day.  An interesting calculator I’ve encountered can be found on the CamelBak website.

What are some of the ways you stay hydrated?