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5 Quick Tips For Dining Out With Kids

Now that you have little ones in your life there may be times when it feels like some of the things you used to enjoy are out of reach.  At least for now.  Activities such as dining out with your spouse, family or friends might seem a little daunting when you consider the temperament of kids.  Restaurants have lots of interesting new things for them to see and the urge to explore might be too much for them to overcome.  And we shouldn’t expect them to, after all, exploring is how they learn.  Fortunately, the activities you loved to indulge in before becoming a parent don’t have to be out of reach.  Through trial and error I’ve learned what works personally and share these key learnings with you below.  Consider using some of these options the next time you dine out.  Our lives don’t have to change drastically when we have little ones in tow, we just have to get a little creative and adjust accordingly.

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10 Family Activites To Enjoy This Winter

Winter is upon us folks!  It took some time for it to get here but it HAS arrived.  Granted, winters in Ontario are milder than they tend to be out West but still…we get our fair share of minus degree weather.  If any of you are like me, you hibernate during the winter months.  I love being outdoors but not so much in the winter months.  For those of you who are outdoors all year round…kudos to you!  There are a lot of activities to enjoy outdoors but I’m going to stick to being warm and toasty for the next few weeks.

Miss O on the other hand, loves being outside.  It doesn’t matter what kind of weather we’re experiencing, she loves being out there.  Depending on how you like to enjoy your winter months, here are a few suggestions of ways to keep your little ones occupied.


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12 Useful Tips To Boost Your Potty Training Routine

Just how do you tell when your child is ready to use the potty? Every child is different but there are a few key indicators to watch for:

1. Has your little one started to show interest in his/her potty?
2. Does your little one tell you when he/she pees or poos in his/her diaper?
3. Does he/she follow you to the bathroom and ask questions?
4. Does he/she look for privacy to poo?

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Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Flu Germs At Bay

IMG_0330It’s that time of year again!  That’s right, it’s FLU season.  Yuck.  No one looks forward to the coughing, sneezing and aching.  I’m not going to wade into the flu shot debate but instead I’d like to share with you some of the measures I take to protect myself from menacing germs. These are items I store in both my purse (I think I speak for most women when I say, “Yes, our purses contain everything but the kitchen sink!”) and desk at work. Continue reading

Introducing Agriculture To Kids

Strictly speaking based on my own experiences, being a city dweller, it can be difficult to see our connection to the world of agriculture at times.  The former “Farmers Feed Cities” campaign spearheaded by the Grain Farmers of Ontario rings true.  We are highly reliant on agriculture as a source of nourishment.  In an effort to demonstrate my interest in agriculture and the important role it plays in our day to day lives, I’ve tried to expose my daughter to the various aspects of the industry. By being more aware of not only where her food comes from but how it’s produced, Miss O will hopefully become a more informed consumer in the future (no pressure!).  

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5 Books To Enjoy During Story Time With Your Child

All Book PicBooks have always allowed me to not only let my imagination run free but also provide insight into various areas of interest. I’ve always loved to read and wanted to pass that on to my daughter. Because I was eager, I started reading to her before she was born. Like many new moms-to-be, I read a lot about pregnancy and discovered that babies begin hearing sounds early in the second trimester and begin to react to them late into the second trimester and early into the third. So armed with that knowledge and thanks to a book themed baby shower that my co-workers threw for me, Miss O had an impressive library collection before she even arrived! Continue reading

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