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Month: July 2016

Healthy Ways to Successfully Lose Belly Fat

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The other day I looked down and realized that I’ve developed “a mommy tummy”. I’ve always been physically fit but after having Miss O things looked a little different but I adjusted quickly to my new body post baby. While I “bounced back” fairly quickly during the first year after giving birth, I credit breastfeeding since my activity level took a serious nose dive and the process of constantly working to produce milk helps your body burn calories, this “new me” is different. I’ve recently found myself snacking late in the evenings and exercising less and less. There are so many ways to stay fit as a mom on the go but I find making it a priority has been a challenge recently. As a result I’ve put on a few pounds. Who can relate? Don’t get me wrong, I think I still look healthy (and I feel great) but I need to adjust my eating habits and make time for exercise before I start feeling the effects. I did a little research and found a few healthy foods that will help reestablish healthy eating habits AND help burn belly fat.

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Practicing Forgiveness When You Really Don’t Want To

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There’s something I want to get off my chest. Isn’t that what blogs are for? To vent your frustrations on a platform that will reach the masses? Yeah? Maybe? Fortunately, this is my blog so I get to do that when the occasion arises. So…what’s with some people? It may seem silly at this point but something happened this weekend that bugged me. Why do some people do the things they do? On Sunday afternoon, while walking my mother to her car from my house, I noticed that one of my planters was missing. You know the ones, they’re plastic, cement or cast iron and hold a variety of flowers. Granted, both of mine were empty because for various reasons I skipped planting flowers in them this year and opted for a few hanging plants.

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