Before having Miss O I thought I was a very patient person.  However,  throw in a toddler with a mind of her own and the patience starts to wane.  Between asking her to put away her toys multiple times before bedtime and trying to catch her to put on her coat before heading out the door, I have to admit that there are times when I don’t play it cool.

A few weeks ago Miss O said she was angry about something so I asked her to explain.  She was trying to think of the right words to use to explain herself and the fact that they weren’t coming quickly, she grew increasingly more frustrated.  So I said, “sweetie, take a deep breath, breath out”.  Of course she was confused at first since this was the first time I’d said this to her but after I demonstrated the action she caught on.  She was better able to express herself afterwards.  What’s funny about this story is that not long after this event, I was trying to hustle us out the door one morning when she turned to me and said “Mommy, take a deep breath and breath out”.  I couldn’t help but laugh a little.  Not only had she understood the benefits of this technique but she was observant enough to see that mommy needed to chill out and not take things so seriously.  All this to say that even though I usually tend to go with the flow where Miss O is concerned, I have moments where I need to practice patience and understand that things will get done when they get done and if we’re a little late for daycare it’s not the end of the world.  How many of you can relate to this?

As parents we have so much on our plates.  It’s easy to forget that it’s OK to drop things for a while and get down on your child’s level and interact.  The attention paid to them means a lot and goes a long way to re-enforcing the trust they have in you and further deepens your bond.  As I mentioned in my post about things to do in the morning to get your day started right, being present is important to me.  This applies not only to the time we spend together in the morning but throughout the day as well.  With emails and phone calls coming in I have to make a conscious decision to tune them out for a while, put down my phone and interact with Miss O.  If she wants to play I have to be patient with that and focus on her.  If she wants to read 5 books before bed (she’s a little book worm) but I still have a sink full of dishes to clear up, I have to be patient and spend the time bonding with her.  Unfortunately the dishes aren’t going anywhere.

She recently surprised me again one morning by saying “Mommy, I want to tell you something”.  While I was putting on her shoes I said, “What would you like to tell Mommy?”  She then said, “Mommy, look at me”.  I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her.  She put her hands on either side of my face, looked me in the eyes and said, “Mommy, I want to grow up like you”.  I took this to mean “Mommy, I want to grow up to be like you”.  #heartmelting!  The point is, we may not always see the value in the little things we do for our little ones because we’re caught up in our daily routines but they’re perceptive and taking note.  So a little bit of patience goes a long way because it means the world to our kids.

Tell me about what lessons your kids have taught you during your journey as a parent.