The last few months have seen me on a journey of self discovery and living a life filled with conscious decision making and injecting small pleasures into my everyday life.  I enjoy listening to podcasts while driving to and from work which seem to be the only times of the day when I can completely shut off my brain (well in all fairness, to avoid accidents I don’t shut it off completely!) and just exist in the moment.  I’m not thinking about what’s for dinner, laundry that still needs to be done or the big business meeting coming up.  Instead I plug in and listen to a variety of topics.  One of my favourite podcasts (and corresponding blog) is The Lively Show.  The host, Jess Lively shares tips and tricks on how to live with intention.  During an episode from earlier this year she talked about implementing 3 things  into your day that make you feel great and get it started right.  These can be different for everyone but the point is to focus on yourself vs your to do list.  This got me thinking.  What things can I do to put me in the right frame of mind before my day even gets started?  There are a number of things that I can do but I narrowed the list down to 3 things and have been practicing the items on a daily basis.

Prayer And Meditation

I like to spend anywhere from 15-30 mins in prayer, thankful for making it through the previous day and preparing mentally for the day ahead.  There may be a stressful meeting ahead or a project review with a client that has the potential to throw me off my centre but after praying about it I feel confident in what’s to come.  If you don’t feel comfortable praying then meditation is another option.  At the end of either option you should feel centered and mentally ready for what’s to come.

Be Present

It’s so easy for me to pick up my cell phone and check the news or emails that came in during the night. Rather than doing so, I spend a few minutes chatting with Miss O in the morning when she wakes up.  The last thing I want is for her to have memories of me with my face buried in my phone all the time.  She’s learning new words and phrases everyday so we spend time talking and asking each other questions.  I want her to know that she has my undivided attention.  Afterwards, I find she’s in a place where it’s easier for her to listen to me as I get her ready for her day.

Make The Bed

I thought about adding something like exercise to the list but to be honest I prefer working out at the end of the day vs first thing in the morning.  For me, making the bed is very simple but very impactful.  You may have heard this before but it truly helps the day when you make your bed.  There’s something about a neatly made up bed (throw pillows and all) that feels like an accomplished task.  With that little bit of organization and order complete, I feel ready for the day ahead.

Now it’s your turn, what are three things that you can start doing tomorrow morning that will help you start the day at peace and ready for what’s to come? Share your thoughts in the comments.